• Cherisse Redmond

Why we moved into a travel trailer

In November 2017 my husband and I decided to take a huge leap of faith -- and he decided to change his career and do something that he was passionate about.

So he signed up for barber school in Sacramento!

Around the same time my in-laws decided that they wanted to start looking at places to live in Nashville Tennessee. With all of the craziness, and the laws, high taxes and the high prices of California, they decided that this isn’t where they wanted to retire. .......................................

Some backstory for those of you who don’t know, my in-laws build a house almost 30 years ago in Auburn California. It is on five beautiful acres, it is where Daniel and I got married, and it is where Daniel converted their garage into a two-story home, where we have been living since January 2016.

We were sad to lose the house that we were so excited to raise our kids in, but at the same time (after the grieving process!), we completely understood that they need to do what is best for them and that God always has a bigger plan and purpose.

Because Daniel is full-time in barber school, and we are living off of my income as a health and fitness coach, rent just didn’t seem feasible for the time being. We talked about moving in with different people, and discussed different options-- but one night as I was sitting by the fire with my neighbors I looked at my friend Meghan and said, "What if we bought a trailer?"

The rest of the night Meghan and I sat on our phones on craigslist and started looking up trailers and try to figure out how much it would cost -- and if it was even doable.

That very night, she found the trailer on craigslist that we ended up buying! I had seen it pop up also on Facebook marketplace and it had everything that we are looking for.

We absolutely needed bunk beds for the kids, I didn’t want them sharing a futon and kicking each other all night long.

And the "master bedroom" so to speak, had to actual doors that shut and locked so that Daniel and I can have our privacy ;)

It also had to have a slide-out, so that we can have more room to walk around and to live, since it was going to be over six months of living in this trailer. The trailer we ended up finding was a 2008 Thor wave, with every single thing we wanted.

The bunkbeds, the whole living room was a slide out, the master bedroom was separated by doors and not a curtain. We fell in love with it the minute we went out and looked at it. (We meaning my in-laws and I!). Daniel was in class when I went to look at it and I couldn’t get a hold of him, so I actually had to pull the trigger make the decision without him. EEEK! After the transaction was made I sent him a text of the picture that said "we bought a house!"

The family that we had purchased it from, bought the trailer and hadn’t used it to take their kids and travel the United States for three months!

It was still in such amazing shape and this family took such good care of it. In fact, They were so attached to it and had so many great memories in this trailer and the guy was even a little choked up to see it go when we decided that it was the one.

Fast forward to May 1 - and we got to plop the trailer on our best friends' property in a beautiful rural part of Auburn! They already had all of the hookups and we decided, "Hey, we already 'do life' together anyways, we might as well be neighbors!"

Our besties are freaking amazing and have been such a HUUUGE help during this time of transition in our lives. We could not be more thankful for their love and hospitality.

Long story short - that's why we moved into a travel trailer! for the learning curve of "trailer life" - the process, the growing pains and the positives....that's in another blog post, coming soon!

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